What is The Difference Between a Stand Mixer and a Hand mixer?

The kitchen is the fantastic place because a regular cook can turn into a chef with time. Did you know that the professionals prefer Hand mixer and Stand mixer for different jobs? However, some argue that using the both mixers for one purpose make no differences, but on the contrary, the story is different. If you are wondering which one is the best for you regular work, then let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of the mixers. If you are not happy with your current mixer, you can consider substituting your stand mixer with hand mixer

What is The Difference Between a Stand Mixer and a Hand mixer?

Stand Mixer

The mixer is the largest supplied machine in the world. Almost 2/3 of the consumers are using stand mixer in their daily life. When you are comparing with the hand mixer then probably stand mixer is beating it on regular use. The stand mixer has many advantages and disadvantages at the same time but the purpose which you want to put the mixer at depends on it as well. Most of the sleeping bags are stuffy and don’t allow much of the movement.


  • Larger mixers are made to hold the batter without splashing, and you can work without any worries of splashing out of the bowl.
  • Not every task is for a minute, sometimes when you have to leave it for more than two minutes, then Stand mixer has the advantage. You can exit the bowl and concentrate on other things for five or six minutes or till the work is finished.
  • When the Batter or Dough are thick, then Mixer does better and quicker.
  • Stand mixers have more settings and options like Timers, Indicators, Sounds and more.


  • Cleaning is not an easy task.
  • Stand mixers prices are higher than the hand mixer.
  • The weight of the unit is thick or greater than the hand mixer.

Hand Mixers

The product became very popular within the chef’s kitchen fort few years but once the hand mixer got its recognition people started to used to stir eggs and all light foods during breakfast. Currently, 37% consumers are using the Hand Mixer every day in their kitchen. Now let’s look known advantages and disadvantages.


  • It isn’t that expensive when you compare it with a stand mixer.
  • Easy to handle and clean.
  • It consumes less space and very compact.
  • It is known for a quick, accessible, compact mixer for eggs and another task.


  • The capacity of the hand mixer is significantly is low, and it consumes a lot of time to take on the higher jobs.
  • Since the bowls are not steady, chances of splashings greater.
  • The motor is not capable enough to take the load and you cannot expect to last long for more than ten minutes.



As you have seen, the both mixers are standing in a position where judging them would be futile. There is no doubt that stand mixer can do more jobs than hand models but if you want to access the mixer faster for smaller jobs then hand mixer is unstoppable. If you have any questions towards the topic then makes sure to comment below to talk to the experts.


Country Style Kitchen Design Ideas

Traditionally speaking the kitchen has been one of the busiest area of any home and usually families spend plenty of their time in there and for many homes it’s the central point of the home. For quite long time we had got used to the clean, minimalist and uncluttered style of kitchens. But, of late, the feel and warmth of traditional country kitchen is staging a come back as more and people begin to welcome that style.

Generally, it’s believed that designs of traditional farmhouse kitchens are suited only for large houses, but that doesn’t hold good any more as you can get the feel of a warm cozy kitchen in smaller homes too. This design of kitchen would usually have tiled floor and one may opt to have flooring with natural stone or quarry tiles. Natural stone offers many options for choosing an appropriate color. The benefits of having natural stone or query tiles are that both these are very durable and best suited for the kind of traffic one gets in kitchens. Further, they blend very well with existing décor of the place and help creating the feel of a traditional cottage kitchen.

Many people prefer to use white or lighter shades for tiles on the walls and keep darker shades for the floor. Such a combination gives the real feel of a traditional country kitchen. Ceramic tiles, available in a wide range of styles and colors make a great addition to a kitchen. Traditional kitchen design could also have tiles with patterned designs. Having a decorative backsplash design becomes a focal point of a traditional kitchen.

Traditional kitchens really allow you make design statements with the customary natural floor covered up with rugs in cottage style. Another feature that allows you to set different environment is the lighting. Convenient addition of spotlight helps you to have changed lighting to suit different moods. Another addition could be cottage style furniture with a central table having a cottage style in the middle of the room.

Kitchens with cottage style are gaining popularity for the feeling of warmth and welcoming they provide. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can find many ideas and design options to make it a beautiful warm and friendly place for the family to enjoy. You’ll find it helpful to first draw a sketch of the kitchen and then try some of the designs that come to mind to arrive at the best option.…