How To Make Your Concrete Floor Looking Better?

There are many different options when it comes to concrete surfaces, and to be honest, everything is better than leaving your concrete without any coating. Whether you use paint, epoxy or acidid stains, you will make your floor looking better than it originally was.

What I can recommend is a decorative floor, or to be more precise, concrete staining. This is a very good option for your indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. You can get a luxurious look for any room you wish, for a very low price. When you compare price of stained concrete with some other flooring like tiles, hardwood or vinyl, you will be surprised how affordable this is. And whats more, you wont have to worry about maintenance.

Whats important before you apply the stains is to prepare and clean your concrete properly. I wont go into details about this, you can find out more about that on  The most important thing is to follow these rules, otherwise you wont get the desired results. If you are not sure you can do all of this on your own, you better hire a contractor. The application process itself can also be complicated for some, so read all the details about that on the URL given above and determine if you will be able to do everything properly.

I can say that stained concrete turned out to be a great option for my living room and porch. I didnt do this by myself, but now that I witnessed how its done, I would dare to try it out. I would love to hear if any of you tried to do this by yourself and how it went.

While you sense confident that your are ready to paint the floor, begin again with the basic history colour and paint the entire floor two coats the use of either paint rollers or a brush. let it dry absolutely. Then observe the techniques you used on your exercise board/sheet. The stiffer the baggies the better. The recyclable heavy garbage baggage work quite well.

There may be no restrict to the range of things you can try and apply paint with a purpose to resemble flecks of stone. you could use a spatter brush, and so on. in case you desire you can add pinnacle coats of water base polyurethane. Gloss will make it appearance greater like polished stone. be sure to apply water base polyurethane. The oil base polyurethane will provide the end a yellow solid which makes it look dirty. no longer precise.

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